Biden claims Senate ‘close’ to passing huge spending bill as inflation soars

President Biden claimed Thursday that Democrats are “close” to passing his sweeping social spending bill — just hours after official data revealed inflation hit a new 40-year high in January, stiffening opposition to the $2 trillion plan.

Biden gave the dubious spin about his agenda’s status in a speech in Culpeper, Va., after annual inflation hit 7.5 percent, which centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said was more reason to resist massive new spending.,63507,63544,63564,63581,63631

“In my Build Back Better legislation that … passed the House of Representatives, we can [lower drug prices]. Now we just have to get it through the United States Senate. And we’re close,” Biden claimed.

The president spoke after getting a rude welcome from protesters. A girl who appeared roughly 7 years old held a sign visible to Biden’s motorcade that said, “Don’t sniff me,” while adults brandished anti-Biden placards that read, “Let’s Go Brandon,” “FJB,” “Biden Sucks” and “Build Crack Better.”