Mysterious mobile home abandoned near Missouri intersection yields suspicious theories


A mysterious mobile home abandoned near a Missouri intersection has the local sheriff’s office seeking the story behind it on social media. That post has yielded lots of suspicious theories — and a whole lot of jokes, too.

The home with light brown siding and chipped paint was left near two farm roads outside of Republic, a rural community about 13 miles southeast of Springfield, according to a Wednesday evening Facebook post from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

“This is the most Missouri thing I’ve seen all day,” one person replied.

So, what is this home doing there?

As of Thursday morning, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office post is still up, seeking information on the case.

But, the post is filled with fellow Missourians and their speculations. Most are not to be taken too seriously.

“When your parole officer says you can’t go within 100 yards of your home and you have to visit a friend,” one person said.

This is what happens when the husband finds out the in-laws are coming to stay,” another comment says.

“Someone trying to file an insurance claim from the storms…,” replied another. “’yes, my house just blew away. I can’t find it. When will the check be ready? Never mind….. police found it.’”

House robbery gone south,” said another.

One person, though, left a tip that the sheriff’s office thanked them for.

“It was being pulled by an older looking tow truck around 2:30pm today,” the comment posted Wednesday says. “It pulled out of the trailer park that is on the way to Springfield from Republic, however they pulled out and headed the direction of Republic.”

In about 15 hours, the post has garnered over 1,400 comments and 3,200 shares.

If you have credible information regarding this mystery, the sheriff’s office requests that you call its Crime Tip Hotline at 417-829-6230.

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